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Payroll Management

Creating a successful payroll for your business will ensure accurate payments and high morale among staff members. When completing your payroll, there are several essential steps you should take to ensure successful management.
Roger Hatherall & Co can provide advice and payroll management to all businesses in the Bath area. We ensure you are always in control of all payroll services.


Employees must always be paid correctly to avoid disputes in the office and more headaches for yourself. As a business owner, payroll can be a time-consuming process and ensuring you are fully prepared will often help you avoid common mistakes and errors that can be made.

There can often be administrative problems, organisational issues or failing to have the right software available to you. By creating payroll well in advance of your deadline, basic salary will already be calculated. This ensures a quick change can be made and you are prepared, without having to change payroll deadlines.

Gathering Documents

Whether you are completing payroll in online accounting software or manually through paperwork, the correct documents have to be gathered to complete your payroll correctly. Using the right software will always make this process much simpler, meaning documents are all stored together and that you can easily distribute payroll.

Documentation could be required for new employees, staff account details, additional and bonus payments, tax codes and many other personal details. Having a full list of all staff members and what pay they are currently entitled to will ensure the right payment is always made to your staff. It can be difficult to remember exactly what benefits or reduced pay your clients require and keeping the correct documents can prevent this becoming a problem.

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Calculating Pay Checks

Once the correct documents are available and you have the right software available, payroll should always be calculated without any errors. Whilst we can always make minor mistakes, this should not occur with staff payroll when using the best possible software. Any errors that do occur will leave staff very unhappy and could have a backlash, so you should ensure paychecks are accurate.

This also means adhering to all legislation for every staff members. Whether this is the tax payments they must make or meeting minimum wage for young workers or apprentices, paychecks should always be complying with any legislation. If you fail to meet legal requirements, it could lead to audits and fines being made, costing your business even more money.

Organising Payroll Period

Paying staff members on a regular date, whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly, should always be done. Organising a suitable payroll period will also keep staff happy as they know when they should be paid, without any delays.

Once a payroll period is in place, you can prepare yourself for this payment within each schedule, ensuring you are ready to make payments and that no inaccurate paychecks will be completed.

Record Payroll

Once payments have been made, regardless of how often you choose to complete payroll, a record of all payroll should always be completed. By record keeping correctly, you prevent any errors or disputes from occurring in the future and can also refer to payroll when completing annual accounts and tax returns.

Your business should bookkeep effectively with all finances and transactions that occur in your business. By recording payroll, you ensure your financial management is at the highest level and that you are tracking all transactions within your business.