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Accounting For Your Business

Whether you are a start-up or well-establish business, many owners fail to realise how accountants help your business. Accountants offer a huge number of benefits to every business and can always assist in improving your financial performance.
Roger Hatherall & Co provide fully qualified accountants for all businesses in Bath and the surrounding areas. Our team can work with any clients to ensure our finances are stable.

High Accuracy

Businesses are often culpable for making mistakes with accounting. Even the smallest mistakes can make a big difference in annual accounts and it is important to keep your finances as accurate as possible. By using accountants, you can eliminate most of the mistakes that you would make in accounting.

Accountants will always use the latest accounting systems in the industry, ensuring that data is kept accurate and any errors that are made are easily identified and resolved before they become a big issue. Failing to keep finances accurate could lead to fines and issues if any investigations ever occur. Keeping track of all transactions can be difficult, but accountants can make sure these finances are recorded accurately.

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Meeting Legal Needs

Most businesses will meet their legal needs, however, you may end up spending more money than necessary. With the assistance of accountants, you can make sure your finances meet all legal requirements and accountants will also ensure you never spend more than you have to. Whether this is with tax payments or other financial legalities, accountants understand the law.

This is a massive benefit to most businesses as it helps you reduce costs, whilst having peace of mind that you are meeting all legal requirements. As accountants always have a great understanding of financial laws, as well as staying updated with any changes in the industry, you should never have to worry about receiving business fines, potentially reducing expenditure.

Tax Returns & Deadlines

Not many business owners enjoy filing their tax returns and whilst many owners still do this themselves, your job can be made much easier with accountants. Accountants will manage all business and staff finances to keep tax returns completely accurate and prevent any fines for incorrect tax returns.

In addition to this, you are assured that no tax deadlines will be missed when using professional accountants. Tax returns can be prepared well in advance so only minor changes must be made before the tax deadline. This keeps all taxes accurate relieves a lot of pressure that can accompany tax returns.

Budgeting & Growth Management

If you are looking to grow the business in the future, having a budget and plan in place is essential for growth to be successful. Slow growth can be a big problem for every business if you are currently unsuccessful. However, growing your business too quickly can eventually cause more difficulties and leave you out of cash and staring failure in the face.

Having a plan for growth management and a business budget in place can help you to achieve a slow and steady growth that actually helps your business. Accountants can always evaluate your business to create an accurate and effective business budget. This will help you save money on a weekly or monthly basis, allowing you room for manoeuvre when you look to grow and money to fall back on if things don t go quite to plan.