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Choose A Good Accountant

Finding a reliable accountant for your business is essential. It can be tough to find someone you have complete trust in but there are several ways to ensure your accountant is at the top of their game.
Roger Hatherall & Co can support all business throughout Bath and the surrounding areas. We offer a range of services and can always advise you on your financial needs.

Does Location Matter?

For many businesses, having a local accountant is essential. However, with accounting software now available, it makes it easy for any business to communicate with accountants without having to meet them.

Location will still matter to some businesses and this is not a problem, but you should consider whether you want to choose an accountant who is local or a slightly better accountant who is located further away. With most accountants having similar software, your accountant could be based anywhere. If a problem was to occur, having a local accountant would be more suitable to resolve any issues.

Experience In The Industry

Whilst qualified accountants should usually meet your needs, choosing accountants who are experienced in the industry will often be more beneficial. Accountants who have worked with businesses from a variety of industries will often have better knowledge of your financial situation and can give you the advice you need to improve financial performance.

Working with an inexperienced accountant may not be a problem, but they may not have the knowledge of your industry or finances that you require. Also, finding an accountant who has worked with companies in your industry could help, as they will already have an understanding of your business and the way you work.

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Accounting Services

Most importantly, if accountants don t offer the services you require, there is no point in using them. Some accountants will simply offer bookkeeping services for business, others will complete tax returns and accounts preparation. When you need help with your financial performance, you should also look for an accountant who goes into more detail, using tools such as budgeting and forecasting.

For many businesses, tax returns are a big factor in selecting the right accountant for them. Your accountant should always deal with the HMRC, whether this is during investigations or just to file and submit your tax returns. You should find accountants who offer a comprehensive service with all your financial information, meaning you never have to lift a finger.

Secure & Accessible Software

In 2018, every accountant you deal with should have secure software available to them to use for all finances, as well as this being easily accessible for you to use and view finances, financial tools and reports. If your accountant does not have this software available to them, it may be best to look elsewhere.

Not only does using the best software effect accessibility and security, but this will often outline how good the accountant is. Accountants who use poor software could make errors that affect finances or final accounts. Whereas, an accountant using the best possible software available should be able to prevent mistakes.

Good Relationship

Its hard to know whether you and your accountant will have a good relationship before you choose your accountant. Whether you organise a consultation or require advice from an accountant, it can be helpful to test your relationship with several accountants to make sure there is always communication when you require it.

Roger Hatherall & Co can offer advice as often as you require. If you would like more information on our services or would like a consultation from our team, contact us today. We are happy to work with any businesses in Bath and all surrounding areas. Call us on 01225 429610 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.