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Why You Need An Accountant

Whether you are well-established or a start-up business, hiring an accountant can still be the best option for your needs. Accountants can assist with a range of business processes, whilst ultimately improving your financial performance.
Roger Hatherall & Co provide accountancy services throughout the Bath area, ensuring all businesses can depend on our team.

Increasing Profit Margins

Not only will accountants help with basic accountancy services, they will also dedicate themselves to improving your profit margins. By working closely with all your finances, accountants will often find any financial issues within your business. From here, your expenditure can be reduced through budgets and price changes, whilst still maintaining and improving your income.

An accountant will always work with you closely to optimise your revenue and reduce any wasteful expenditure that you are dealing with regularly. With the correct budgeting in place, this will prevent many of the common problems you face on a regular basis. With accountants then managing the accounts, this should lead to an increase in profit margins.

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Advice & Consultancy

Accountants are much more than just people to look after your business accounts. In many cases, you may not even require accountants for all the accountancy services they offer. However, they can offer advice and consultancy regarding all your business finances, helping you make the right decisions with finances at all times.

As accountants have a great deal of experience, working with a variety of businesses across many industries, this makes them the perfect option to advise your businesses regarding your finances. Advice could also be given on any legal issues you are encountering, whether this is dealing with the HMRC or organising your accounts accurately.

Ready To Delegate

Even if you are managing your accounts successfully at the moment, it is important to prepare for the future. Having the option to delegate your accounts and financial reports makes your life much less stressful and can spare you a lot of time completing accounts and reports yourself.

As this will free up your own time both in and out of working hours, managing your business is often made much easier. It also means you do not have to employ accountants at your workplace, which will be a much more expensive option for many business owners. With a cost-effective alternative, outsourcing to an accountant will allow you to improve the business knowing your finances are being taken care of professionally.

Forecasts & Planning

Whilst you may hire accountants to manage taxes, payroll and accounts, they can also assist with the future growth of your business. With cash flow forecasting available, this is a fantastic tool for any business to use when planning the future of their business. Cash flow forecasting will give you a great insight into the potential income and expenditure over the next month and longer periods of time.

This can then be used for more extensive planning for business finances. Most importantly, creating monthly or weekly budgets for every area of your business. With a good understanding of your projected cash flow, whilst accurate and detailed accounting for previous months, creating a successful budget is made much easier.

Accountants can always help you create a budget for each department in your business, adjusting the budget regularly to suit your needs and make sure targets and goals are always achieved.