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Accountant Preparation

Getting professional account preparation can mean the difference between success and failure at your business. Working with Roger Hatherall & Company Accountancy Services Bath ensures reliable accounts preparation that your business most definitely needs.
When running a business, it is important to have your financial statements, invoices, expenses and all financial documents in order from the very start.

Once these are in order, the next step is to actually understand the content of them and use them to your benefit as a business on the competitive market.

Accounts preparation from our professional team of accountants allow for clear analysis and the ability to answer any questions you and your business may have regarding your financial situation. As well as clarity, accounts preparation provides:

Easier Decision Making

Being able to see your accounts for what they are at any point in the year is the finest benefit of them all.

There are no hidden figures, no unanswered questions and you are able to see exactly where your hard earned money is going throughout your business.

Accounting Bath
Accounts Preparation Bath

Reliable Tax Preparations

With there being numerous tax responsibilities to keep up with, account preparation and tax guidance is vital to avoid fines and consequences from the HMRC.

While recording all receipts, money in, money out and having it documented in the proper format, you no longer have a draw full of receipts and paperwork you have no idea about.

Profit Proof

Account preparation shows you and your business partners where your profits really are. Being able to see areas of your business that are performing well and those that aren t you are able to make structural changes that work in your benefit.

Keep on top of Payments

With a clear analysis of your business and having all your accounts in order you are easily able to keep up with payments. Whether this be for stock, rent, bills or employee wages, there is no need to ever fall behind on payments with Roger Hatherall and Company.

Combined with cash flow forecasting and VAT preparation all of your finances are in order and ready to be applied to future business procedures.

Accounts Preparation Bath
Accountant in Bath