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Outsource Your Payroll

For most businesses, organising payroll for a large number of staff often seems to become a bit of a hassle. It consumes huge amounts of time and you are always risking a mistake if you do not know the ins and outs of payroll. There are many reasons why outsourcing payroll is the best option for your business Read our blog and we will tell you why!
Roger Hatherall & Co have years of experience managing payroll and can help every business, no matter how big or small your company is. We use the most modern systems to ensure 100% accuracy and keep you in control of payroll.

Saving Time

As I mentioned before, payroll can be massively time consuming. Business owners usually have enough on their plate dealing with the actual business and products side of their company without having to worry about payroll every month. When payroll does come knocking every month, it is helpful to have an accountant on hand to do the hard work for you.

Although this might not give you the time to go on holiday for a week or take a few days off work, having an extra couple of days to focus on work is a major positive. Especially if you are still inserting payroll manually, by the time payment has gone through to your staff, it could take several days to complete the whole process.

Avoiding Errors

The biggest worry when calculating payroll for both your staff and the business is making minimal errors that mean a lot! Even getting the smallest amount of payment wrong will be a big deal to your staff members, which is why when you are organising payroll, you must ensure it is completely accurate.

Using the correct PAYE systems is vital to do this and make sure there are never any errors. Whether you have to put in extra commission and bonuses for certain staff members or you have difficulty calculating taxes, PAYE systems will give you the perfect platform to avoid all errors.

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Deducting Tax

Again, you will always have the option of deducting tax manually or using the correct and much more professional systems designed for these tasks. Tax is a huge factor for every business and should always be taken seriously, if the incorrect amount of tax is submitted, whether it is lower or higher than what was required, your business will be losing money.

If you charge too much tax it will mean you lose money that should have been saved and if you do not charge enough, you could face even heavier penalties from the HMRC. Nobody wants unexpected charges from anyone and this won t happen with the outsourcing of your payroll.

Spending Less Money

Where your business can save money, you should take full advantage of it. Many businesses are not big enough to finance their very own payroll and accountancy department and will often take the responsibility on themselves But both of these options could be costly compared to outsourcing.

You will only ever have to pay a small fee per month for payroll management and here at Roger Hatherall, we ensure there are never any mistakes that will cost your business more money. It means you do not have to pay for specialist staff and there is always a simple solution to payroll worries.

Avoid Complicated Technology

Even if you do have your own modern-day PAYE systems, it doesn t mean your equipped to use them! You always want to make sure your business payroll is spot on and if you are unaware of how to correctly use these systems, outsourcing is still the best choice.

Roger Hatherall & Co all have professional training using these systems and will always insert payroll details accurately s there are no errors when it comes to payday. We can provide training on how to use these systems to all our clients, or we can calculate your payroll for you, guaranteeing 0 errors.

Keep Your Staff Happy

Keeping staff happy is the main priority of many business owners as your staff are what makes your business work. If payroll is not made correctly, your staff will be sad and probably quite angry as well. Nobody likes disputes within the workplace and outsourcing payroll can make sure your staff come into work in a good mood. Changes can also be made to staff s payment to adjust if there is pay rise or bonuses given out.

We will ensure payroll is paid on the same date or day each month so your staff know when they are being paid and will always get the payment they expect. Outsourcing your payroll has several benefits but keeping your staff happy should always be at the top of the list.


Security is always being compromised in the developing age of technology But your finances should not have to suffer because of this. With our secure systems, you can choose which devices all your finances (not just payroll!) can be shared across.

This means if you only require our accountants and yourself to see payroll, this is a choice you can make. We can share all details and updates with you whilst we calculate payroll, so even though we are in control, you have the ability to make any changes on secure systems.