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Medical Practice Accountant

As a medical practice, your main attention is usually going towards the patients you take care of. This can often lead to finances and business management being difficult to control, which is why your medical practice could benefit from the help of an accountant.
Roger Hatherall & Co can provide all practices with professional assistance for all finances. If you are struggling to manage the financial side of your business, our team are always available throughout the Bath area.

Control Tax Payments

Tax payments are a big part of any business and getting them incorrect could cost you money. You may have your own personal tax affairs as a doctor, dentist, consultant or GP and we can always help with both business and personal income tax. Failing to make the correct payments could result in a business or personal fine, costing you even more than the original tax payment.

If you often take on private patients as well as working for a practice, you do not want to risk annual tax return being calculated wrongly. Our accountants will monitor all finances and submit a completely accurate tax return based on the figures you give us. This ensures you will have no enquiries from the HMRC as well as having the correct amount of money paid to you after deduction.

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Making A Profitable Practice

Most people go into the medical industry as they look to make an impact and save people s lives. However, you may often lack the business knowledge to effectively run your practice and continue to make a profit. Through our accountancy service, we can help you to budget effectively and monitor the cash flow within your business on a regular basis.

We can manage your finances and find the best options for your business to continually make a healthy profit. This will help you prepare for the future of your practice and ensure you are not spending too much money that could put your business at risk.

Roger Hatherall & Co also provide you with detailed reports, monitoring the performance of your business and ways to continuously improve, allowing your business to be effectively managed.

Regulating Payroll

Payroll can be extremely time consuming and difficult to get correct without the right payroll systems. Keeping track of the hours worked by your employees can be tricky in a practice and our team can always provide professional payroll services to prevent easy errors businesses will often make.

Whether this is through the wrong tax deduction or inaccurate payments, employees will be unhappy if they are not paid the expected amount. With our systems, payroll is made easy. Only a small amount of details will be needed including:

  • Time Worked
  • Hourly Wage
  • Employees Account Details

We can easily calculate the payroll for all your staff members by having these details available. this will allow you to rest knowing all staff have been paid correctly. This will help retain staff and ensure performance is always high at your practice.

Pension Forecasts

Everybody wants a good pension after retirement to keep themselves going without work. When you work in medical care, your contract can very easily be changed which may have implications on both your salary and your pension. If this contract changes, we can provide you with the detailed information on how your pension could be affected.

Additionally, finding the best pension possible should always be a priority and with our pension forecast, we can determine what the best options are for your practice or individual medical workers.