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Specialist Payroll Software

Keeping your staff happy can often be the key to a successful business, which is why getting your payroll correct is so important. Although manual payroll may seem like the simpler option, there are several reasons why payroll software will be massively beneficial to your business.
Roger Hatherall & Co can provide every business with the payroll software you require or deal with all your finances ourselves, taking the pressure off your shoulders.

Calculating Taxes

Making sure your employees have been taxed the correct amount whether you dish out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments is an essential. Without calculating the correct amount for payroll, it means you are not deducting the right amount of money that will then be paid to the HMRC.

With the assistance of payroll software, your business can easily manage how much of each payment should be taken away through tax. This ensures you do not tax employees too much and make them unhappy whilst making accurate payments to the HMRC to avoid any penalties or fines. Additionally, your software will also keep you updated on the latest tax changes, so taxation is done correctly and you also understand why you deduct a certain amount.

Our team provide you with option of onsite installation or we can monitor and manage all payroll from our own offices, ensuring staff are paid correctly and tax is deducted and paid on time.

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Consistent Payments

Staff members usually want to be paid a consistent amount of money on a consistent date. If you regularly decide to change the date that staff are paid, it impacts the money they earn which may not be a pleasant surprise for most of your workers. With the help of professional software, this is not something you will have to worry about.

Software will organise your payroll itself and ensure that payments always go out on the correct date every single month. Once you set a date, it will continue to pay out the correct amount of money every time it is this date, without error. This makes sure staff receive no unwanted surprises and do not get paid different amounts on different pay days.

Time Saving

You may feel comfortable calculating and organising your payroll manually, however this can take a lot of time and if you are also running your own business, it is an unwanted task. Having professional software that allows you to quickly input information and details of your employees payments can make this task much quicker.

Payroll systems are very easy to use and simple to understand, so using them effectively should never be a problem. If you are worried you will not understand the system or could easily make mistakes, we can always provide advice to help use the system properly. Once you are used to the payroll software, quickly inputting information and paying staff members the correct amount will become second nature, saving your business a lot of money.

Managing Your Business

Computerised payroll systems do not only help with just paying staff members, but can also provide many other services for you to effectively manage your business. Avoiding everyday mistakes that can often be made without correct systems is a big bonus and there are many other benefits to using the correct software:

  • Calculating Sick Pay Tax & National Insurance Deductions
  • Create Year-Ending Reports
  • Legal Compliance Of Record Keeping
  • Producing Payslips, P45, P60 & Other Forms
  • Record Keeping Of Staff Payments
  • Storing Reports & Data

Offering a range of services, payroll software can be a great choice for your business and whether you would like our team to manage this software or just install it for you, we are happy to help.