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Benefits Of Budgeting

Businesses should always be looking to save money and by budgeting correctly you can ensure this. There are many benefits to budgeting correctly and finding the right balance between what you spend and what you save is always vital and something we can help with.
Roger Hatherall & Co can provide a wide range of services to ensure you budget your business correctly. We always want to help businesses be successful and through budgeting, we can do this.

Planning For Future Growth

When looking to expand your business, the money to do this will not magically appear. You must plan for the future of your business and to successfully grow and expand, you must budget. By budgeting, you give yourself the opportunity by having enough money available to gradually improve your business and turn it into something much bigger.

Without budgeting, you will continue to spend any profits you make and although you could be investing in good items, it doesn t allow you to build the bigger picture. If you are constantly running out of money each month in your business, making big purchases that actually improve your company will be hard to save up for.

Prioritising & Controlling Spend

Different parts of your business are always going to spend more money than other parts. Distributing the money you have available to spend must be done correctly, otherwise everyone in your business will continue to spend without a second thought. Budgeting must be used to prioritise the sectors within your business, so employees know just how much they must spend.

Whether you do this monthly or set a yearly amount of spend for each department, it must be done to keep costs as low as possible. Keeping a monthly budget is often the best option, as sales may increase each month, meaning you can invest more money back into the business, but the budget you set should always be controlled to guarantee profit at the end of each month.

Roger Hatherall & Co can always provide advice on what budgets you should be setting and how you can manage finances effectively to make a healthy monthly profit.

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Set Employee Targets

Whether this is sales staff or services staff, having targets to reach can increase productivity within the company. If employees know they can earn more money through increasing their productivity and working to a certain level, they are more likely to work harder.

Having a budget will help you decide exactly how much money or what prizes you can offer to staff members if productivity is very high. This will help you create the right targets for your staff whilst keeping in control of what you spend and making sure your business budgets effectively. The better your employees work, the more money you can invest back into the business.

Reaching Business Goals

Looking at the bigger picture, having employees reach targets will also allow your business to meet long-term goals. Through budgeting and forecasting, you can set yourself the right budget for what you expect to achieve and give yourself the money you need to continue to grow and reach long-term goals without overspending.

Although to reach your goals you must spend money and invest back into your business, budgeting will control the spend during this period, so you reach goals at a steady rate whilst making healthy profit.

Evaluating Your Company

If your budget is not effective, there is no point in having it and you should always be evaluating your performance to analyse this. Using your budget to set an outline for how much you should spend as well as how much money you should make to create profit is essential and this information can be viewed and recorded easily by our team.

Whether you want to evaluate the performance of your whole company, individuals or departments, viewing how much money people have spent and how much they have made can help you set new budgets when it comes to the next month. Having this information allows you to restrict spending of the poorly performing parts in your business and allow you to invest in more successful options.