Capital Gains Tax Bath

Tax Accountants

Capital gains tax is a tax charged on the profit you make if you sell an asset that has increased in value over time. Although some assets are tax-free, you have to pay capital gains tax on most assets if you decide to sell them. As a result, it is important to get a professional to help you pay the correct amount. It usually applies to the disposal or sale of shares, possessions, property or businesses, and the legislation surrounding it can be very complicated.

Here at Roger Hatherall & Co we can calculate your payable tax, prepare your computations and help wipe out your liability if possible. An unexpected tax bill can be a large financial setback for your business, so we aim to help you avoid this and pay the correct amount of tax that you owe.

Advisory Service

Our fully qualified accountants in Bath can provide financial advice on your capital gains tax. We take a comprehensive approach to all our clients, meaning we can advise you on the best approach to take to your taxes.

The team can provide advice for properties and land, and we can also advise you on CGT mitigation, capital gains from trusts and entrepreneurs relief. Furthermore, we can assist you with loss claims from failed investments, the transferring of assets and share disposals.

Our Services

At Roger Hatherall & Co we provide assistance with many financial aspects of your business in Bath, including:

  • Asset Planning
  • Pre and Post Residence Planning
  • Planning the Transfer of Assets
  • Maximising Entrepreneurs Relief and Rollover Relief
  • Advisory service
  • Negligible Value Claims- Setting Capital Losses Against Income