Personal Income Tax Bath

Taxation Services

Roger Hatherall & Co specialise in all aspects of taxation and can assist you with your Personal Income Tax. Our team work closely with you to ensure you are paying the correct amount and do not incur any fines. Personal income tax is the tax you have to pay on income from self-employment, full-time employment, dividends, rental income and some social security benefits.

Moreover, we specialise in taxation services and our tax advisors can provide support and guidance for your circumstance. We deal with all kinds of tax affairs whether they are complex or simple. Also, our team provide tax planning where appropriate, identify opportunities to reduce your tax bill, and predict changes in the amount of tax you will owe.

About Our Tax Advisors

Our tax advisors are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the industry. They can help you to add value to your business and assist with income tax in a number of ways. This includes any tax disputes, provide long-term tax advice and assist you in claiming tax credits.

Our services are useful for clients with complicated tax situations, as we can ensure that you are not paying more tax than you owe. Tax legislation can change at any time, meaning that it is difficult to know how much tax you should be paying. Our team will help you to make the most out of your earnings, ensuring you always comply with legal regulations.

What We Do

Our accountants provide tax advice for a range of areas in Bath, including:

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Non-Domiciliary Tax Issues
  • Trusts and Estates