Accountant In Swainswick

Accounting Services Swainswick

You should always choose a qualified accountant in Swainsick to manage your finances and accounts and Roger Hatherall & Co can always leave you fully satisfied. We ensure every client has a team of accountants available to them at all times, giving you advice on your finances and always offering a range of services and management.

Working with all businesses and individuals in any industry, you can always choose our team for a huge number of services. We are happy to work with all clients, providing a quick discussion to evaluate your current financial performance and what changes need to be made, as well as managing and preparing your current accounts.

Accountant Bookkeeping & Management

As a fully qualified accountant, there are a range of accounting services we can complete, including bookkeeping and management of your current finances. As part of our bookkeeping service, we will keep all legal documents as well as tracking both ingoing and outgoing transactions. It is a legal requirement to keep your documents for a certain number of years and using computerised accounting systems, this process is made much easier.

Along with recording transactions, our bookkeeping also means we record all finances from both payroll and income. We can make sure all tax returns are prepared before the deadline so that you do not face any fines or penalties. All our records are kept completely up to date, ensuring tax returns are accurate and that both your staff and business are deducted the correct amount at the end of each tax year.

We will also be able to effectively manage and prepare accounts with our bookkeeping services. There are several account preparation services we have available in Swainswick, including:

  • Account Preparation for Sole Traders & Partnerships
  • Advisory Service on Developing Your Business
  • Corporation Tax & Personal Tax
  • Examination of Charity & Church Accounts
  • Producing Reports for Subsidiaries
  • Statutory Accounts Preparation for Compliance with Companies Act Requirements

All taxes and accounts will be completed with accuracy and no errors, ensuring the correct accounts and reports are always produced regardless of your uses. We will always create the necessary reports that you would like, ensuring they comply with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

You will always receive a wide range of accounting services from our accountant in Swainswick, allowing you to improve financial performance, whilst also reducing your time consumption on finances. Also providing both cash flow forecasts and budgeting for every business, we can show you in-depth details and reports to discuss what changes need to be made. With the help of our accountants, you are assured of accurate and effective financial management.

About Swainswick

Swainswick is a small village located in the county of Somerset and North East of the Bath area. As a civil parish, it has a small population but is still an area our team are happy to work in, regardless of your requirements and the accounting services you need. Swainsick is a historic village and despite being small, there are several points of interest here as well as great places to stay and eat, making it a lovely area for locals and visitors.

Roger Hatherall & Co was established in 1984 and since being founded, we have always welcomed clients from the Swainswick area. Working with both individuals and businesses, clients in Swainswick can always depend on us for a personal service as well as a quick response regarding all enquiries. We aim to be the first choice accountant in the area and as we are based very close to the village, clients here will always be responded to quickly.

Choose Roger Hatherall & Co

With over 34 years of experience in the industry, Roger Hatherall & Co have built a fantastic reputation since our establishment in 1984. Working with clients from every industry and specialising as medical accountants, you can always depend on us for a huge range of services. We aim to continue growing our client base, giving you a personal and professional service.

All our staff are fully trained and qualified, with experience and expertise in the industry making them a suitable choice for all clients. We can always understand the situation you may be in, regardless of your current financial performance. With many services available, we offer the highest standard of work to improve your finances.