Limited Company Accountants in Bath

Accounting For Limited Companies

As a Limited Company, you are an organisation that is liable to set up and run a business. Whatever profits the company makes go straight back into the company, once corporation tax is paid, and are shared throughout the business. This is because the finances of the business are separate to the owner’s personal finances.

Here at Roger Hatherall & Co we specialise as limited company accountants and can provide a wide range of financial services in Bath.

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All Limited Companies come with members of some sort and these are the people who have shares in the company. It is the Directors who are responsible for running the company. As a result, it is often these Directors who hold a fair number of shares, but not always.

Over time the responsibilities of a Limited Company have changed, as you no longer have to appoint a company secretary. However, you do have to have at least one Director who doesn’t have to be shareholders at all. A Director has many responsibilities including:

  • Making the company a success
  • Following company rules
  • Making decisions to benefit the company, not themselves
  • Keep company records and report any changes in the company to HMRC
  • Keep accounts in line and fair for the business finances
  • File all accounts with HMRC on time and in the correct order
  • Paying corporation taxes

How We Help You

As your personal accountants, Roger Hatherall & Co can make sure that you are in line with regulations, meeting deadlines and run your business accounts day in, day out for your peace of mind.

We use our expertise to keep records of all money received and spent by the company, a list of the company assets, debts the company owns, stocks the company owns and any goods bought or sold.

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