Corporation Tax Bath

Corporation Tax Advice

For a business, corporation tax has to be paid on the money your company earns from profits, investments, and the sale of assets. You have to pay corporation tax on your profits if you are a limited company, a foreign company with a branch in the UK or an unincorporated association. If you are starting a business, you must register for corporation tax within three months of trading, otherwise you may incur a large fine later on.

At Roger Hatherall & Co, our tax advisors in Bath help you to ensure that you are complying with tax regulation at all times, whilst helping you minimise your bill. We specialise in all aspects of taxation and can offer advice and support for managing your taxes effectively.

Tax Planning

As corporation tax takes up a large percentage of your trading costs, it is important to handle it correctly. Investigation policies are imposed by the tax authorities in order to collect revenue for the Government. Additionally, if you do not comply with these policies there are penalties that can be imposed.

We can complete and file your business tax returns and determine the most effective business structure for your tax, taking advantage of tax reliefs and opportunities. Our team work alongside you to achieve the highest revenue possible and reduce your tax, leading your business to success and profitability.

About Our Services

At Roger Hatherall & Co, we provide a range of taxation services for clients in Bath, including:

  • Advising you on your business structure
  • Tax opportunities and reliefs
  • Helping you achieve optimum capital
  • Reducing your tax and maximising your relief
  • Advice on the current industry situation
  • Dealing with tax authorities for you
  • Advice on how to submit your tax to the HMRC