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As a professional business, at Roger Hatherall and Company we know how important VAT (Value Added Tax) is. Our team know that to those not in the industry it can be very confusing to understand and even harder to apply to your personal business finances.

As experienced accountants, we have a great understanding of VAT and will never make mistakes when processing your VAT details.

Why is Value Added Tax Important?

Value Added Tax or VAT is a crucial component of any company’s finances. It is important that you remember this when it comes to invoices and payments. If not, you could end up with a much larger bill than expected or missing money from a client.

For a lot of people the process takes up time, is difficult and can be confusing. Any business who has a turnover annually of more than £85,000 (2020/21) must register and complete a VAT return.

The charges apply to the sales of goods and services that can be bought by a business or service. This can include:

  • Business Goods (personal use included)
  • Items Sold to Staff
  • Loaning of Goods
  • Non-Sales (e.g. gifts, part exchange etc)
  • Selling of Business Assets
  • Business Sales
  • Commission

What We Do

Our team use their experience to discuss all Value Added Tax matters, registrations and help you with all of your VAT returns. We make sure that your accounts are in order and that all of your VAT planning and administration runs smoothly. If they see potential with a different VAT scheme which could improve the procedures of your business, then they will always bring this forward with you and apply the changes if needed.

To add to this, we will keep up to date with all the latest legislation and ensure that VAT applies to all the finances that it should. As a result, you can rely on our team to provide an accurate and professional service.

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