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Business Accounting

It is easy for business owners to make mistakes when completing your accounting and bookkeeping. Without the right training that accountants have, it is important you avoid the common mistakes that many business owners tend to make.
Whether you are just starting accounting or you have made too many mistakes in the past, Roger Hatherall & Co can always provide our support. We work with business throughout Bath and the surrounding areas.

Not Using The Right Software

You may not realise the benefits and potential of using actual accounting software. However, this is something every business should use to make sure finances and transactions are recorded correctly and you can also utilise a number of other features to help with your finances.

Not using the right software is a very common mistake and will often lead to more blunders when it comes to record-keeping. The best accounting software will cut out a lot of the errors you make day to day and makes managing your finances much easier.

Mixing Business With Personal Finances

Mixing business and personal finances seems to be the easy option. This is yet another mistake that business owners are prone to, allowing them to take money out of business finances for personal errands, which will only harm your business in the long-term.

By making sure all business and personal finances are kept separate, finances become easier to manage. It will also make sure your profits are easier to record and that you pay yourself a proper salary, rather than sharing the business money as your own. When it comes to growing the business, there should be no problems between separating your own finances.

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Failing To Have Backups

Backups are important for all data that is stored online, on phones or computers. Regardless of what this data is, you should always have a backup to make sure if data loss does occur, your information is not lost forever. Finances are one of the most important things to keep protected so a backup is essential.

Although some data can be recovered when lost, it is not worth taking the risk. Make sure all your data is backed up well in advance, as well as completing this regularly. This means finances are always up to date and if data is lost, it is easy to restore.

Not Taking Bookkeeping Seriously

Bookkeeping is a vital element of every business. Failing to record keep effectively could mean that end of year accountants are not created accurately and therefore you don t know what your cash flow and profit is or you could end up falling into trouble with the HMRC.

Bookkeeping is something you should take very seriously and if you can t dedicate time to it, you should outsource it. This will make sure your finances are always prepared for deadlines such as tax returns and end of year accounts. Additionally, it is important to have records of your finances to plan for the future and identify why mistakes are made and what improvements to implement using previous figures.

Only Recording Bigger Transactions

No matter how small a payment may have been, it should always be recorded in the business books. From selling your most expensive product or service, to purchasing milk for staff, every transaction must be recorded.

Although the smaller payments may not seem like a massive deal, they will build up throughout a year which can have serious implications to your final finances. Tax records must always be submitted accurately and if you have failed to record many of your transactions, it could make a big difference come the end of the tax year.