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Hiring An Accountant

It can be difficult to choose the right accountants, especially if you are not entirely sure what you need from them. Before hiring your accountant, there are several questions you should ask them, ensuring they are the right option for your business and industry.
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What Experience Do You Have With My Business & Industry?

Not every accountant will have experience with every single type of business, but it is good to find someone who has experience in a similar industry. This should give them the knowledge needed to understand your business and the market you are competing in.

If you choose an accountant who has no understanding of your current industry, it could be detrimental and mean that the accountancy services you receive aren t of the right standard. Accountants may not be an expert, however, with a good basic understanding and experience helping other businesses in the industry with their finances, you can build a lot more trust and have peace of mind with the accountants you choose.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

Communication with your accountant is absolutely vital to improving your financial performance and making sure you receive as much data, information and advice as possible. Without this, there is no point in actually hiring an accountant if you are not going to utilise their skills and make sure you have regular communication with them.

Communication is commonly over emails, phone and in-person so it is important you know the easiest way to contact your accountant. This ensures if you have any urgent queries or problems, they can be dealt with effectively and without delay. In addition to this, you should also find out what times and dates your accountant is available. Some accountants will be open for longer times and for more days of the year, making it easier for you to contact them.

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What Are Your Fees?

Although you want the best possible accountants, fees must always be a consideration. If you are working on a strict business budget, your accountant fees are included in this. Accountants should assist in lowering your business costs and growing profit but when first hiring, you need to work around a budget so cash flow never becomes an issue.

What Accountancy Services Do You Offer?

You may choose an accountant just assuming they will do all the services you require of them. However, this is not the case and before hiring, you should ask what accountancy services are actually available, ensuring the accountant you choose is perfect for your business and the exact requirements you have.

There are a huge range of services that different accountants will and will not offer. This includes everything from tax returns and cash flow forecasts to creating end of year reports and completing payroll. Not everything they offer will be needed but you have to make sure the features you need are available.

What Systems Do You Use?

The best accountants typically use the best accounting software. It is important to know which software is the best to use and therefore you know your accountant has the right tools to effectively manage your finances and improve financial performance.

You also want an accountant who is proactive, rather than reactive. If an accountant has the right systems and software available, they are much more likely to give you insightful data regarding your finances, rather than only providing information when it is essential.

This should also make managing multiple or larger businesses much easier. If an accountant is not using the right industry software, it could be a big sign to look elsewhere.