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Avoid HMRC Fines

As the HMRC implement more and more regulations, year on year, it is vital that your business keeps up to date with what it is required to do. Avoiding fines and consequences is the key to success and with Roger Hatherall & Company you can open the door to your business future.
Promoting good tax practice within businesses is what the HMRC s (Her Majesty s Revenue and Customs) main aim is when implementing regulations and deadlines. By encouraging all businesses to follow suit through the use of fines and consequences, the aim is to ensure everyone pays what they owe on time.


All businesses know the side effects of incurring penalties. Late submitting, purposely miss-calculated taxes and overdue payments have a detrimental effect on your business record and finances. If your tax return is up to 3 months late, you can receive a 100 fine which increase if left longer.

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With Roger Hatherhall & Company we ensure all of our clients meet their deadlines accordingly. The next deadline to meet is for online tax returns on 31stJanuary 2017 before midnight. That same deadline also stands for paying any taxes you owe or fines and penalties come into action. If you are unsure how to file your tax returns properly, simply get in touch with our team and we are more than qualified to do it on your behalf.

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As a whole, no one likes getting penalties for something that was out of their hands, but when it comes to tax returns and VAT, it is solely in your hands and your responsibility. Our team of experts can assist along the way but essentially you and your business have to be at the forefront of the movement to ensure accurate results and met deadlines.

Roger Hatherall & Company provide financial guidance and accounting services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the Bath area so that you can rest knowing your accounts are up to date in and good order. Established in 1984, we deal with both business tax and corporation tax and our team understand the importance of keeping on top of deadlines and accuracy. Our other services include:

  • Accountancy
  • Taxation
  • VAT
  • Self-Assessment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • PAYE
  • More