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PAYE Systems

Technology is developing every day, in every industry and that includes when you are managing your finances. PAYE systems are the ultimate tool to help you manage your taxes and national insurance contributions and guarantee that there are no mistakes being made. So, is your business using PAYE systems?
Roger Hatherall & Co always use the correct tools when working with any client in the Bath area and beyond. We are happy to show you how to use the systems or manage your finances ourselves for accurate and reliable calculations.

Calculating Your Tax

Tax is a big factor in every business, whether you are a sole trader, small business or a corporate company, it s important to get your taxes spot on. It doesn t matter how you do this, but to get the most accurate results, you should use the most accurate systems to help.

This is where PAYE systems become the perfect solution. PAYE systems help measure exactly how much you should be deducting from your staff s payroll on a weekly or monthly basis without error. If you earn over 157 a week, you should be contributing with National insurance payments, but if you struggle to do the math yourself, you should never worry.

You should also keep track of the payments you make to your staff and taxation from their weekly wage as you will continue to make contributions to the HMRC and these payments must be accurate.

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Avoiding HMRC Penalties

We are all prone to the small error, whether its falling over on a night out or miscalculating your taxes Everyone does it!Learning from your errors is something you have to do and if you constantly find yourself making the same old mistakes and inputting your numbers wrong, you must change.

If you do make a mistake, there are huge amount of punishments you could face, however you probably won t like any of them. The tax month for payments runs from the 6th of one month to the 5th of the next, which is usually enough time to get yourself equipped for payments to the HMRC.

PAYE systems provide you with many benefits and they are ideal for the five steps you must take every month when calculating tax and staff payments:

  • Record their entire pay
  • Calculate tax & other deductions from their pay
  • Calculate National Insurance contributions that must be paid on earnings above 157 a week.
  • Produce payslips for each employee
  • Report their pay and deductions to HMRC in a Full Payment Submission (FPS)

By carrying out these steps, you will ensure that penalties are never received from the HRMC for your business. Often, you will end up paying more in penalties than the actual tax you owed in the first place, so best to get this right first time.

Make Life Easier

As a business owner, you often have a lot on your plate without having to worry about the added struggle of taxation month upon month. Make your life a bit simpler and save a lot of time by using either PAYE systems or outsourcing your payroll and taxes to someone who always gives completely accurate submissions.

Accountants at Roger Hatherall have plenty of experience working with many industries and with great knowledge of all finances, including taxes, we can provide you with the solution to any payroll struggles.

Professional systems will help keep record of every fine detail and payment that you make. No matter what disputes you have or changes you need to make based on previous data, using the professional system can make this easily accessible for you and a lot less time-consuming!